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Panasonic Electric Works, Co.: Women in managerial positions constitute over 40%

Panasonic Electric Works, Co. has announced on April 9th its “Diversity Promotion” plan, aimed at strengthening and invigorating company business through diversification of its personnel. Since April 1st the new special entity – “Diversity Committee”- has started to function within the company HR department. Its goal is to create a friendly work environment for women, foreign employees, and employees with disabilities.
The number of female employees is planned to increase 1.4 times and reach 60, and foreign employees – to double and reach 50. This promotion committee was formed on the basis of “Women Empowerment Committee”, which was created in 2005, by increasing the number of its members to 13.

It is now in charge of promoting the creation of work environment beneficent for HR and product development, as well as business planning. As chief consultant, Panasonic Electric Works Ltd. 衛星マップ googlemap has invited Ms. Kitao Mariko from P&G Japan, where she had also been in charge of a diversity promotion program.

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