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Japanese companies: Opening doors to international graduates

Major Japanese companies are hiring an increasing number of international students studying at Japanese universities. Panasonic Corp. and Fujitsu have for the first time in their history created a quota of 30 fresh graduate employees for international students, and Asahi Kasei Corp. is aiming to hire up to 10 international students, whereas Sumitomo Wiring Systems Ltd. is planning to hire 10~15 international students regardless of the planned total number of new entry-level employees each year.
These decisions have been made as a result of judging that involvement of international students with multicultural backgrounds would be crucial to empower global development of these companies. Employment of Japanese students who had studied abroad has also been on the rise, thus job-hunting is becoming ever less restrained by state borders. According to a research by Mainichi Communications, percentage of companies (among the 283 companies that have answered the questionnaire) has risen 3.1% and reached 16.7%.
Experts forecast that the number of positions for international students at Japanese companies will continue to increase.

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