Privacy policy

Basic Policy

Personal information is Your valuable asset. Solver Network Co., Ltd. protects personal information; all company members comply with the accurate and safe personal information handling program.

Purpose of the Compliance Program Regarding Handling of Personal Infomation

Creating common standards for appropriate collection and handling of personal information.
Establishing a code of conduct to avoid illegal access to personal information, its’ loss, falsification and misuse.

Company Activities Aimed at Bringing the Policy into Practice

To bring the policy into practice, the following activities are performed :

  • All company members must be informed of and must at all times obey the above rules.
  • Appointing chief privacy policy manager, authorized and responsible for executing the compliance program.
  • Appointing chief privacy policy auditor to conduct checks of personal information protection practices.
  • Basing on the results of personal information protection handling auditing, revising and improving internal operation rules.
  • Cooperating with aligned companies and personnel.
  • The above policies are available at the company official homepage.
  • Compliance program is to be continuously improved.

Handling of Personal Information

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

The purpose of collecting personal information shall be clearly stated, and collected information will be used appropriately.

Respect for individual rights

Solver Network Co., Ltd. respects the rights concerning personal information. If requested, we will disclose, correct or delete personal information within a reasonable period of time.

Security measures deployment

We have established internal rules and deploy security measures to avoid security problems such as leakage or falsification personal information.

January,11 2024
Tetsuo Adachi
President, CEO,
Solver Partners Co., Ltd.