Wear formal clothes, preferably a business suit.
Make sure your hair looks tidy, and for men it is advisable to shave.


Write down the dates of entering and graduation from junior high school, high school and university in the order above.
Write the names of schools and universities in full.
Also write down Your department and major.

Professional Experience and Internships

Title the first paragraph “Professional experience”.
Mention all companies You have worked for.Write down names of departments, positions and describe Your responsibilities.
For internships, specify the name of the company and Your responsibilities as an intern.

Self introduction

Reasons for studying Japanese

Write about the reasons for your deciding to study Japanese. Mentioning specific events that moved you it will make your point stronger.

Area of study

Write about your major at the university. Science major students should specifically promote the contents of their research projects.

Selling points

Avoid such general phrases as “I am a very reliable person” or “I am very hard-working”
Instead, try to make your explanation more convincing by adding specific episodes, proving your abilities.
Use numbers to make your story more appealing.


Write down what you can do for the company, what tasks you would like to undertake once you start working for the company.
Make sure to check the company website before you apply. Once you have researched about the company, promoting qualities that are linked to the company’s work and values would be most effective.
Your statement would be more convincing if you connect the above selling points to your objective.