Jobs in Japan

Web Edition of the Toyo Keizai “Quarterly Job-hunting Journal” Bestseller

A useful source with ample information for students looking for jobs in various industries.Use this site to prepare for job interviews as it gives You anything from industry analyses to the current profits of dividual companies and their sales figures/individual, including all kinds of rankings across industries.

Real estate

Global Trust Networks, Inc.

Best-Estate works to satisfy a wide variety of customer needs using five largest databases of the real estate industry and partnerships with over 500 companies.Customer satisfaction is our goal. It is our greatest pleasure to provide the best real estate services that can be relied on by our customers.

Oakhouse Ltd.

Oakhouse has 80 Guesthouses located across Tokyo and neighboring Yokohama areas, offering furnished rooms at reasonable rates starting from 45,000 yen/month for a single and dorm starting from 29,000 en/month. Make new friends and have some fun!


Clean & Cozy shared house in Tokyo ! KOYOMIYA makes an effort to keep good terms with each other.

House rent covers expenses (lighting, fuel and so on).Shingle room: 59,000 – 79,000yen/month, Dormitory: 45,000 – 50,000yen/month


Sakura House – is the leading Tokyo apartment & guest house agency, providing accommodation exclusively for the foreign community in Tokyo, Japan since 1992.No key money, guarantor, agent fee required / All rooms furnished / Free Internet line available in most rooms / Rent includes utilities, and is payable by major credit cards / Office open 7 days a week with English, French, Korean, Chinese speaking staff… visit our rental system page to see the advantages of renting a room from us.

GuestHouse KOWLOON

Dormitory in Tokyo,near iidabashi. 36000yen/month.


International Solicitor – Bloom Consulting

We are specializing in Immigration, IT Contracting and Translation Services. About Immigration Services(VISAs)- We provide legal advice for our clients on negotiating complex immigration laws and visa regulations. We specialize in helping our clients secure work visas, Spouse or Child of Japanese National status, Permanent and other types of visas. We also specialize in the naturalization process for Japanese Citizenship.


Providing legal assistance in the following areas: Acquisition of various types of residence status, Application for naturalization, Application for permanent residence, International marriage, Employment.


Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

This a language proficiency test aimed at people whose mother tongue is not Japanese. It is held once a year on the same date (usually early December) world-wide and there are 4 test levels that you can sit for with 1 being the most advanced and 4 the most basic.

BJT: Business Japanese Proficiency Test

The results from this BJT test are taken into account when you are being hired as bilingual staff across the globe. The test is held in Asia, Europe and Oceania.

J.TEST: Practical Japanese Test

With a fixed level of difficulty, you are able to get a feel for your progress by sitting the test. This test measures a language proficiency higher than the Level 1 in JLPT. You will be given a certificate if you obtain the required number of points and your results will be published in a score table together with all other examinees.

Language studies

Japan On-line School

This school provides a 24-hour Japanese Language lessons that you attend through a TV-telephone. Good opportunity to practice your Business Japanese and get ready for JLPT.


Genki Japanese and Culture School (GenkiJACS) is a communicational Japanese language school that offers short-term study abroad courses, learning the Japanese language and culture in a relaxed and friendly environment. This school was voted by the language travel industry in 2009 as one of the world’s top language schools.

Daily Life

Web Japan

Contents title search: Choose sites best suited to Your area of interest from the 11 contents titles on top page. Category search: Search among eight categories “Nature & Geography, Politics & Administration, Economy & Industry, Society, Culture, Travel & Sightseeing, Sports & Leisure, and Science & Technology “to find the information You need. Keyword search: Narrow down the search by using keywords. You can also do “and/or” searches.

Information provided in different languages

Useful information on daily life in Japan is provided in 15 different languages. Use it a your point of reference.


Type in the amount of money in either Japanese yen or the currency of your choice, select the currency to which you wish to convert to and the converted amount will be displayed.You can also see the daily fluctuations in currencies as well as display a table with the major currencies values against US dollar.

Shibuya’s Stamp-shop

You will need to make a personal stamp, called “Hanko” for very much everything official in Japan

ranging from opening up a bank account to registering in the local city hall. Japan definitely favors personal stamps over signatures, so it pays to have one made soon.

Russian Community in Tokyo

International Community Site in Japan

Includes Forums, Town Info, Bar Coupon Guide, Japan Trivia Quiz, Press, Photo Galleries, Free Classifieds and more. exists to further awareness and understanding of Japanese cuisine and culture in the UK.

They carry out a wide variety of projects encompassing the publication, organization of events relating to Japanese culture and cuisine.


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