Introduction of Japan Career Search

What is “Japan Career Search”? : Career Change Supporting Services

Japan Career Search is a career change supporting services company and renders its services to those non-Japanese workers who passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1 (or at least JLPT N2) and with more than three years’ work experience at a Japanese company or a Japanese-affiliated company ().

Japanese arm of a foreign company, overseas subsidiary of Japanese company, joint venture with Japanese company.

Japan Career Search is a site of career change supporting services: We carefully select attractive opportunities for those who are thinking about building up a career as specialist or manager at a Japanese company or an overseas subsidiary of Japanese company.

Features of Service by Japan Career Search

  • Career consultants will introduce appropriate opportunities through consultations to those who have registered with us with your CV.
  • Our career consultants will introduce right opportunities to you through appropriate consultations.
  • We have distributed our career information magazine (charge-free magazine) to 40 countries so that we have many opportunities that are handled only by us as a pioneer of career change supporting services company for non-Japanese.
  • We render careful and various services from screening of your application documents, advice for your interviews, adjustment of employment conditions, and to a follow-up of before and after of your employment.

Japan Career Service is Recommended for Such non-Japanese Workers as…

  • Have been working for Japanese company for several years and want to build up a career under more challenging circumstances.
  • Have been unsatisfied with the current company in its working environment or its performance appraisal practices.
  • Have been thinking that it will take a long time to realize a career vision due to slower pace of promotion and salary hike.
  • Have been working in Japan and thinking about working for a Japanese company again after returning to a home country.
  • Have been working for an oversea affiliated company of Japan and doing routine work: You cannot expect your career advancement anymore.

JThe Flow of Career Change Supporting Services by Japan Career Search

The Flow of Career Change Supporting Services by Japan Career Search

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1. Registration

To use our services, you need to register with us first. Please attach your CV and input your basic information.

2. Career Counselling

We render career counselling service for those who wish at our office or through Skype for those who work far from our office.

3. Introduction of Opportunities

Career consultants will introduce opportunities to you that match your career vision and your skills, etc.

4. Application

Apply for a company that you want to work for. We also give you advice for your application documents.

5. Interview/Offer

We fully support you from interviews to offer.

6. Follow-up from offer to entry

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Opportunities recommended by Japan Career Search